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Our Vision: A Diverse Village Where Everyone Belongs

At DaVita, we affectionately refer to our organization as “the Village.” This language provides a constant reminder that when we come together in the spirit of life and health, we do so as a community first, a company second. It’s just one of the many ways we recognize the power of words to shape our culture.

When it comes to describing the critical work of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), we again choose our words, Diversity & Belonging, with tremendous care. This title reflects our commitment to actively nurturing an environment where every teammate, physician, care partner and patient is equally seen, valued and empowered to thrive — and a world where everyone enjoys equal access to health care.

Four principles guide our Diversity & Belonging strategy:



We work proactively to cultivate a sense of belonging for all teammates, patients, physicians and care partners regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or any other factor.



We strive to have strong representation of women and people of color in our Village by meeting or exceeding EEO-1 benchmarks for all levels.*


Economic Mobility

We create opportunities for teammates at every level to increase their earning potential through career pathways, professional development and educational support. We support economic mobility more broadly by actively investing in the communities we serve.


Health Equity

We are committed to reducing and eliminating disparities at every step of the kidney care journey so that all our patients, regardless of race, socio-economics or other factors, are empowered to achieve their best health outcomes.

*EEO-1 is the average representation of people by gender and race/ethnicity for all US industries. Learn more.

Three core Belonging Behaviors set the standard for how we work together in the Village:

Creating Trust and Safety

Respecting and Valuing Others

Providing Fair and Consistent Support

DaVita Week of Belonging


Our annual Week of Belonging invites 65,000 teammates from across the globe to celebrate Diversity & Belonging in their own way.


of teammates reported “I feel like I belong” in 2023.

Community Care Circle Images-01.png


of teammates reported “My manager creates a sense of belonging” in 2023.

“One of my favorite activities during the Week of Belonging was asking teammates what makes them unique. I found so much value in these conversations. I also shared how I personally have felt like I didn't belong in previous work environments early in my career, and how that shaped my principles as a leader. At DaVita, I feel like my experiences, personality and background add value to my team. I’m committed to helping make sure every DaVita teammate I engage with feels the same.”

– Alvin Wiggins, Group Facility Administrator


Prioritizing Representation in Recruiting & Leadership Development

By focusing on diversity-minded recruiting and intentional development programming, we ensure that pathways to leadership within the Village are visible and equitable for all.

  • Across our entire suite of recruiting activities, we work to engage the full breadth of high-potential candidates, intentionally seeking out people of every gender, race and ethnicity and those with unique backgrounds.

  • Our leadership development activities are many and varied, encompassing coaching, mentoring and cohort-based learning programs. Yet they all share the same strategic goal: to create an environment where high-potential individuals from every background can pursue ambitious professional growth.

“I started really feeling the DaVita community before I even got here, because the recruiting team was so supportive, and so clearly invested in my development. What I didn’t expect was that once I completed my internship, that support just kept on coming. Even today, when I’m in a position to be mentoring others, I still have my own network of advisors who check in with me and connect me to opportunities. The accessibility of our executives, and their willingness to pour into me to support my growth, says a lot about the intentionality that DaVita brings to leadership development.”

– Ciera Crawford, Divisional Vice President


Our Village Population: 2023 Snapshot

Data as of Dec. 31, 2023

We continue to deepen our commitment to representation, recognizing that diversity encompasses many dimensions beyond gender, race and ethnicity.


We invite teammates who choose to do so to report their veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation or other information about their identity. Opening these lines of communication reflects our vision for a Village where every teammate feels acknowledged, recognized and heard.

Overall Village Diversity




people of color 

Leaders with Profit & Loss Responsibility




people of color 

Operational Managers who Lead our Dialysis Centers




people of color 

Board of Directors Composition




people of color 

LGBTQ+ Representation


Veteran Representation


*Of those who chose to respond, 6% self-identified as LGBTQ+.

Fostering Economic Mobility

Helping teammates and leaders reach the next stage in their career and increase their earning potential complements our Employer of Choice strategy. We have a robust set of career development offerings to support teammates in reaching their professional ambitions. We have invested in an end-to-end career development pipeline that includes programs and initiatives that provide financial, educational and social support to our clinical and operations personnel to help achieve their higher education and leadership goals.

Our DaVita Ladders program unlocks clarity, competitive pay and transparent career journeys to systematically create more effective leaders.


teammates were promoted internally as of 2023 through Clinical Ladders.

CC Site Imagery-Circles_2022-04.png

“DaVita takes the time to prepare you for how to be successful, and gives you a never-ending supply of resources for how to get there.”

– Walter Mateo, Clinical Coordinator



of our manager-level Facility Administrators were promoted internally as of 2023.

Of those, 76% are Women and 35% are People of Color.

Paving Paths for Tomorrow's Nurses

Providing supported pathways to family-sustaining careers in nursing is a key focus of our economic mobility commitment.


nurses have earned their degree with financial support from DaVita as of 2023


Over 2,000 teammates are pursuing or have received their nursing degree, funded by DaVita, as part of our Bridge to Your Dreams program.

Of those, 87% are Women and 65% are People of color

Of those, 87% are Women, 58% are People of Color

“I have always enjoyed my work as a PCT but also felt I could do more. My managers, teammates and patients encouraged me to pursue my nursing degree, but I was hesitant, especially about the financial burden. Then I heard about Bridge to Your Dreams.I thought about what this opportunity could do for me and my family but also for our patients. I truly love working in dialysis and the BTYD program proved I'm right where I need to be. Without it, I would not be in nursing school. I am so proud to have been selected and to be a part of such a wonderful Village that invests in its people. Thank you, DaVita.”

– Crystal Davis, Patient Care Technician, Bridge to Your Dreams Participant


Centering Health Equity In All We Do

Enabling equity at every step of the kidney care journey is central to our mission. That means eliminating barriers so all of our patients are empowered to achieve their best kidney health outcomes, regardless of race, socio-economics or other factors. We’re proud that our data shows minimal differences in health outcomes by race in hospitalizations, readmissions and infections, but we’re aware that there’s much more work to do.


2023 Highlights:


  • Engaged 10+ cities with differential health equity or social driver interventions

  • Educated 37,000+ people about kidney health with Kidney Smart training, offered in 10+ languages at no cost to the community

  • Reached our 5-year goal of educating 100,000 Kidney Smart participants, two years ahead of schedule

For more information on our 2023 corporate citizenship initiatives, please visit our ESG Reporting Hub or download our full Community Care ESG Report. Unless otherwise indicated, the data included in this report is as of December 31, 2023 for the Company’s consolidated operations.

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