COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of our patients and teammates is our top priority. We are keeping a close eye on this situation and reinforcing the extensive infection control practices already in place to protect them. Please watch an important video and find resources on this page.


  Caring for
    Our World

DaVita is committed to improving the quality of life in our communities. From our own backyard in Colorado to other countries, our teammates participate in a number of local service projects, outreach initiatives, charitable contributions and sustainability efforts that positively impact a growing number of lives.

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Helping Improve Lives Across the Globe   

Bridge of Life (BOL)® is an international nonprofit organization founded by DaVita that works to strengthen global health care through sustainable programs that are aimed at preventing and treating chronic disease. BOL strives to empower local staff, community health workers and patients through training and education to make sustainable changes to health care.

BOL completed four international medical missions in 2020 despite COVID-19 restrictions. The organization also continued to support the health care needs of people in remote areas by screening for and raising awareness of hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease.

“It was a pleasure working with BOL on the installation of our dialysis machines. They arrived at an appropriate time just before the closure of our borders. With the new machines, we are able to treat more patients than before and expand our range of services. The updated information they provided on how to maintain these machines will also help us to sustain them longer. Their professionalism and the wealth of knowledge they imparted will forever be with us.”

—Staff from Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Belize

2020 Bridge of Life Highlights

  • Trained 271 clinicians and health care workers on how to help prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19 in order to serve over 3,700 individuals

  • Empowered 75 community health workers in Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Uganda and Ghana with the tools and knowledge to help prevent and monitor chronic disease

  • Completed 8 virtual projects 

  • Held 40 virtual trainings to support 15 partners in 14 countries

  • Supported the monthly distribution of chronic disease medication to 755 high-risk patients

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bridge of Life, an international nonprofit organization founded by DaVita, quickly responded by adapting their programs to support global health care workers virtually and by distributing lifesaving personal protection equipment and supplies, including:


bottles of hand sanitizer


KN95 face masks

Hundreds of hygiene and food kits for families in rural communities


hands-free handwashing stations

Touching One Life at a Time

Yeison is a 21-year-old man from the Huaytu community in Bolivia. He is also the grandson of local community health worker Gumersindo. Yeison decided to attend a community health workshop on diabetes and nutrition hosted by Gumersindo in 2020. These health topics were important to Yeison, as he had been trying to lose weight for a long time. Yeison shared about the impact the workshop had on him:

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"When I heard how dangerous obesity is for causing diabetes, I was scared because I had some of the symptoms ... and when I tested with a high sugar level, it made me very sad. I thought that I no longer had a solution and could soon have all those complications. But my grandfather told me that since I was young and my disease had just started, I could solve many things by improving my diet and exercise ... Today, my sugar levels are down to normal. I feel happy because I have a second chance and no longer have so many illnesses and pains in my body.”


Tour DaVita

Tour DaVita® is DaVita’s annual charity bike ride benefiting BOL. To date, Tour DaVita has helped generate more than $13 million to raise awareness of kidney disease and bring vital health services to people all over the world.

Tour DaVita, an annual fundraiser hosted by DaVita to promote kidney disease awareness, went virtual for the first time in 2020, raising over $985,000 to support Bridge of Life's programs, global partners and continued COVID-19 response efforts.

DaVita Way of Giving

DaVita® Way of Giving (DWOG) empowers our clinical teammates throughout the U.S. to give back to nonprofits they care about most. Since 2011, teammates have directed donations of over $17.9 million through the program. 

In 2020, DaVita directed more than $2.2 million to The Arbor Day Foundation, Reach Out and Read, The American Diabetes Association and local nonprofits across the country through DaVita Way of Giving.

Through their generosity:

More than 240,000 adults will be educated on Type 2 diabetes through the American Diabetes Association’s Health Equity Now initiative

100,000 trees will be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation to help recover from recent wildfires, hurricanes and infestations

670 children will be supported through 5 years of evidence-based literacy intervention through Reach Out and Read

DaVita continues to make a positive impact through charitable giving. As of the end of 2020, DaVita donations to the American Diabetes Association totaled $481,000.

Supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts in Our Communities

Our Village also responded to national food insecurity caused by the COVID-19. To help, DaVita donated a total of $200,000 to two organizations working to end hunger: Feeding America and Food is Medicine Coalition.

In our home state of Colorado, the Village contributed another $110,000 to organizations with pandemic-specific relief plans: Colorado Relief Fund via Mile High United Way, Project Angel Heart, Colorado Restaurant Response and Denver Public Schools.

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Keeping Our Village Green

Created in 2007, Village Green is DaVita’s initiative to promote environmental sustainability in our centers and offices around the world. Its goal is to reduce our environmental impact while educating teammates and patients about what they can do to help.

Commitment to 100% Renewable Energy

DaVita’s agreements to purchase energy from wind and solar farm developments are expected to create as much clean energy annually as the amount of energy we use to operate our U.S. centers. A significant milestone occurred at the end of September 2020, when one of two virtual power purchase agreement projects, a wind farm in Texas, became operational. From October through December 2020, DaVita’s purchase of green power from the project approximated 50% of DaVita’s total U.S. energy consumption.

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2020 Environmental Goals

DaVita has met eight of our 11 Environmental Goals for 2020, which were set in 2015. Though we have made significant progress towards these goals, we fell short of some of our ambitious five year targets. However, we are committed to using the previous set of goals to identify opportunities to improve our operations and reduce our environmental impact moving forward. 

2020 Environmental Goals Chart_v3.png

1. Includes domestic kidney care centers deemed mature and excluding new centers, with electric power and natural gas consumption visibility tracked by DaVita's third party utility data platform. Total data coverage = 2, 423 centers or 86% of centers.

2. Centers that were included in the Energy Goal are included in the Carbon Goal. Carbon Emissions include all Scope 1&2 (Electric Power, Natural Gas, Propane and #2 Fuel Oil). 

3. Includes domestic kidney care centers deemed mature and excluding new centers with water consumption visibility tracked by DaVita's third party utility data platform. Total data coverage = 1,770 centers or 63% of centers. 

4. Includes domestic kidney care centers with confirmed recycling services divided by 2,816 total centers. 

5. Includes domestic kidney care centers that have ordered office paper from DaVita's primary office paper vendor during the baseline and performance periods of 2015 and 2020, respectively.

6. Includes domestic kidney care centers with confirmed reusable sharps recycling services divided by 2,816 total centers.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Conducting annual sustainability reviews with our national vendors, or Village Service Providers, was a publicly stated 2020 Environmental Goal designed to drive innovation and reduce our carbon footprint. DaVita continually looks for ways to increase efficiency and decrease waste in our supply chain.

Examples include:

  • 100% of the office paper that DaVita orders through our preferred vendor contains at least 30% recycled content.

  • 95% of thermometers have been switched from single-use disposable to multi-use infrared.

100,000 Trees Planted to Celebrate the 50th Earth Day

Through DaVita’s donations to the Arbor Day Foundation, 100,000 trees were planted in 2020. The first 20,000 trees were to honor DaVita’s 20th anniversary, and the additional 80,000 trees were planted as part of DaVita Way of Giving. The Arbor Day Foundation estimates that the trees will remove 430,000 pounds of air pollutants annually.

Looking Ahead to 2025 Environmental Goals

DaVita has created a new set of ambitious Environmental Goals for 2025, and teammates across the organization contributed to the goal creation process.

We have submitted our two climate targets to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for verification and approval. As the world aims to transition to a zero-carbon economy to mitigate the detrimental impacts of climate change, we are committing to 2030 Science Based Targets to reduce our emissions in line with climate science.

For more environmental data, please visit our ESG Reporting Hub.

Our 2025 Environmental Goals

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Unless otherwise indicated, the data included in this report reflects the year 2020 for the Company’s consolidated operations.