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  Caring for
    Our Patients

DaVita's approach to kidney care puts patients at the center of their care.

Stephen, DaVita patient

A Focus on Patients

Patients with kidney disease are among the most complex, highest cost patient populations in the U.S. DaVita aims to partner with nephrologists to provide integrated, value-based care to meet patients’ total health needs.

In July 2019, the U.S. Administration released an Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health. The executive order prioritizes alternatives to in-center dialysis treatments for patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD) that can improve quality of life, such as home dialysis and kidney transplant. 

We believe our holistic approach to care aligns with the Administration’s goals while also offering care that may help delay kidney disease progression for CKD patients and smooth the transition to ESKD. 

A Complex Patient Population1

ESKD patients account for 7.2% of Medicare costs

1% of Medicare patients have ESKD

Integrated Care Across the Continuum

DaVita® Integrated Kidney Care (IKC) specializes in comprehensive kidney care and complex chronic condition management. This personalized care spans the kidney care continuum, from awareness and patient identification in early stages of CKD to smooth transitions to and treatment optimization of ESKD.


years of clinical experience


increase in patients receiving comprehensive IKC services


patients served every month


Net Promoter Score (NPS)2, which falls in the category of excellent services.

DaVita IKC’s focus on value-based care programs has demonstrated positive results across outcomes, experience and cost reduction.3


increase in home dialysis utilization


lower mortality


lower hospitalization rate


savings in addressable costs


lower readmission rate

“They made it personal and that made things much easier for me to get through.”
—Sherrie, DaVita IKC patient 

Holistic Care in Action

Patient Education

Whether a patient has just been diagnosed with CKD, is transitioning to dialysis or considering a transplant, DaVita’s robust patient education programs can empower them to participate in their health care decisions. 

Kidney Smart® has provided award-winning, in-depth kidney care education to more than 190,000 people4 online and in person—at no cost. Educated patients can lead to empowered decisions and positive outcomes.5


lower hospitalization rate


likelihood of starting dialysis at home


fewer missed treatments

Online CKD Management Tools for Patients

Kidney Disease Risk Quiz

A short quiz to help you identify if you may be at risk for kidney disease 


A collection of tools and information to help you understand and manage all aspects of your kidney care 

Kidney education videos

A collection of videos to help people understand kidney disease basics 

GFR Calculator

A tool to help measure your kidney function 


A new site for our Spanish-speaking community 

1000+ kidney-friendly recipes

A collection of recipes to help kidney patients follow a kidney-friendly diet 


growth of home vs in-center programs6

Home Care Innovation

Home dialysis, through either peritoneal dialysis (PD) or home hemodialysis (HHD), offers patients more control over treatment schedules and allows them more time to do the things they enjoy such as spending time with loved ones. 


Our telehealth platform, released in 2019, offers features so home dialysis patients can stay connected with their care team:

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Photo uploads

  • Reminders

  • Educational library

  • Secure messaging

  • Care partner engagement 


patients on home dialysis, more than any other provider7


home programs8

Transplant as an Ideal Solution

DaVita believes that a kidney transplant is often an ideal treatment option for people who have ESKD. Through our multimedia education program Transplant Smart®, launched in 2019, patients and their loved ones get an in-depth look at the transplant process, from what to expect during the evaluation and how to find a donor to preparing for and recovering from surgery, and living with a new kidney. 

“Being at DaVita gave me answers.” —Gaylon,
kidney transplant recipient 

Gaylon's Transplant Story

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