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Caring for
Our Patients

We support patients across the entire kidney care journey including prevention, transition, treatment and transplant.

Elevating Patient Experience

Patient Experience

At DaVita, we are driven to deliver differential, equitable and holistic care to individuals with kidney disease at every stage of their entire kidney care journey - from slowing the progression of kidney disease to helping to support transplantation, from acute hospital care to dialysis at home.


We have reduced hospitalizations, improved mortality, and helped propel the kidney care community to adopt an equitable and high-quality standard of care for all patients, everywhere. 

Excellence in Care

We are one of the largest providers of kidney care services in the U.S. and have been a leader in clinical quality and innovation for more than 20 years. In addition, according to the most recently published data, for the eight most recently reported years, we have also continued as an industry leader under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Five-Star Quality Rating system, which rates eligible dialysis centers based on the quality of outcomes to help patients, their families, and caregivers make more informed decisions about where patients receive care.

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Advancing Home Dialysis

Home Dialysis

In 2023, more than 15% of our patients dialyzed in the comfort and convenience of home.  We continued to expand the use of new technologies in our home dialysis care program to enhance patient and physician experience.

More than half of our home dialysis patients are using a connected cycler today, which allows clinical teams to review the results of their treatments from their home clinic, enabling more proactive care management in collaboration with patients' nephrologists.


Our patient application, DaVita Care Connect (DCC), is used by approximately a quarter of all home dialysis patients.  Patients use this app to connect with their care team, check their labs, look up kidney-friendly recipes, and much more. Click here to learn more about the ways that DCC empowers patients.


Kidney Smart developed a Home Edition class that expanded its home modality-specific education to further address both home hemodialysis (HHD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) modality options.


We also advanced innovation in kidney care through the launch of Mozarc Medical with Medtronic, which is dedicated to improving access, experience and outcomes for kidney patients treating at home.


Learn more about the benefits of home dialysis here.



DaVita patients received convenient home dialysis treatments.


*Modality selections and decisions related to a patient’s care are always made by the attending nephrologist and patient, and provided pursuant to a physician’s order to a physician’s order. Data as of December 31, 2023.

Paving Paths to Transplantation

We empower patients to be fully informed about the kidney transplant process, offering resources such as Transplant Smart®, a multi-media patient education program. 

More than 108,000 DaVita patients were referred for a transplant at least once by the end of 2023, resulting in our highest referral rate ever.


DaVita patients received a kidney transplant in 2023, our highest number yet.

DaVita and MedSleuth, its recently acquired transplant software company are collectively focusing on engaging and empowering patients in their transplant journeys while improving and streamlining workflows for care teams. Through its digital platforms and solutions, MedSleuth aims to transform data exchange and communications for caregivers while also increasing access to living donation through paired donor exchange. The goal is to create greater connectivity among transplant candidates, transplant centers, physicians, and care teams, with the aim of improving the experience and outcomes for kidney and liver transplant patients. In 2023, DaVita transformed the way we refer patients by standardizing referrals through MedSleuth's technology, providing for a more comprehensive and complete referral.

Learn more about how MedSleuth supports transplantation here.  
Learn more about transplantation



An Integrated Approach

Integated Care

Through DaVita® Integrated Kidney Care (DaVita IKC), patients receive comprehensive care that goes beyond kidney disease to cover comorbidities and overall health. Our vision is to provide coordinated care to help delay chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression, smooth the transition from CKD to end stage kidney disease (ESKD) and optimize ESKD treatment.


As of December 31, 2023, DaVita IKC provided integrated care and disease management services to approximately 58,000 patients in risk-based integrated care arrangements and to an additional 17,000 patients in other integrated care arrangements. Learn more about DaVita IKC here.

Earning Patient Trust

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating reflects patients’ likelihood to recommend DaVita to others. We track this metric as a key indicator of patient positivity and trust. Our most recent NPS of 61 for our dialysis patients reflects our exceptional commitment to attentive, individualized care and support.  

1 Statistics are as of December 31, 2023, and are for U.S.-based patients only. Modality selections and decisions related to a patient’s care are always made by the attending nephrologist and patient, and provided pursuant to a physician’s order.
2. As of December 31, 2023

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Health Equity & Education

We are committed to enabling equity at every step of the kidney care journey. This means reducing and eliminating disparities so that all of our patients, regardless of race, socio-economics or other factors, are empowered with the awareness, education and access needed to achieve their best kidney health outcomes.

Promoting Health Equity

Chronic kidney disease disproportionately affects many communities of color, including Black, Hispanic and Native American communities. Sector-wide data demonstrates that too often these disparities continue as patients advance through ESKD. We are proud that our patients largely achieve similar outcomes across race in core clinical metrics such as hospitalizations, readmissions and infection rates in our U.S. outpatient dialysis centers. We are continuing to work to reduce other disparities at key journey points.


We are initially focused on racial and socio-economic inequities in kidney transplants, utilization of home dialysis options and early kidney disease education in high-risk communities.


In 2023 we are proud of:

Launching a Transplant Health Equity Learning Lab pilot in two cities, designed to identify scalable strategies to improve waitlist and living donations for patients dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

Continuing research to listen and learn from our patients’ experiences and share these insights to improve quality of care. See our research highlighting A Person-Centered Approach to Kidney Care.

Engaging over ten cities, and growing, across the country with differential health equity or social drivers of health (SDOH) interventions. These interventions range from community-based kidney disease education, transportation access, food security and SDOH screening.

participants in Kidney Smart in 2023



participants in Kidney Smart education since 2021

Kidney Smart Education

We offer comprehensive kidney education at no cost to the community through Kidney Smart. Available online, by phone and in person, the program provides kidney health education and lifestyle recommendations to help at-risk individuals understand kidney disease and apply strategies to help prevent disease progression.

We have educated more than 101,000 people, across 10 different languages, since January 1, 2021 as part of our five-year goal to achieve 100,000 Kidney Smart participants. Learn more about Kidney Smart here.

Health Equty

For more information on our 2023 corporate citizenship initiatives, please visit our ESG Reporting Hub or download our full Community Care ESG Report. Unless otherwise indicated, the data included in this report is as of December 31, 2023 for the Company’s consolidated operations.

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