COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of our patients and teammates is our top priority. We are keeping a close eye on this situation and reinforcing the extensive infection control practices already in place to protect them. Please watch an important video and find resources on this page.

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  Caring for
    Our Patients

Patients with kidney disease are among the most complex, highest-cost patient populations in the U.S. DaVita aims to partner with nephrologists to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

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Percentage of Medicare patients with ESKD1


Percentage of Medicare costs patients with CKD account for2


Average number of days hospitalized per year for people with ESKD3


Average number of pills a person with ESKD takes per day4

Protecting Patients During a Pandemic

As the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, DaVita dedicated itself to helping ensure patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD) received both the care and the information they needed to help maintain their health. Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment: Missing a treatment could have significant negative effects. DaVita worked in lockstep with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and kidney health organizations to develop and implement advanced protocols for patient and teammate safety in dialysis centers.

Collaboration Across the Industry

DaVita collaborated with the appropriate governmental organizations and dialysis providers nationwide to help maintain care continuity for dialysis patients across the country. These plans included creating isolation cohort capacity with access for other dialysis providers to help patients receive the dialysis care they needed—safely—regardless of their COVID-19 status or symptoms.

Communication and Information

DaVita’s comprehensive COVID-19 information site launched in March 2020 to provide patients with a broad array of resources across multiple channels and media. These resources are available in 14 languages to help patients have access to the information they need.

DaVita's Comprehensive COVID-19 Information Site

  • FAQs

  • News updates

  • Tip sheets

  • Videos

Emphasizing Clinical Excellence

As the world faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, DaVita also continued its focus on delivering safe, high-quality care to patients.

96% of facilities scored 3, 4 or 5 stars in CMS’s Five Star Quality Rating System, more than any other dialysis provider.5

Facilities rated 1- and 2-star in CMS’s Five Star Quality Rating System reduced by half.5

DaVita Clinical Research launched 2 clinical research trials to determine COVID-19's effects on people with ESKD who receive dialysis.

Getting Patients the Dialysis They Need—From Home

For more than 20 years, DaVita has been committed to empowering patients to work with their nephrologists to choose a home dialysis modality. In 2020, we achieved a record percentage of new patients who chose to start on a home dialysis modality —as well as a record percentage of patients switching from in-center treatments to a home modality.

DaVita continues to expand and innovate how we support our Home Dialysis patients to create a confident, connected and convenient patient experience through home remote monitoring, telehealth and other technology. To help patients thrive in the home environment, we continue to innovate our upstream education, transitional care programs, care partner support programs and more.


home dialysis programs


patients on home dialysis—more than any other provider 


of patients are within 30 miles of a DaVita Home Dialysis program

Lindsay's Life on HHD

Technology Advancements for Home Care

In addition to the clinical and lifestyle benefits home dialysis offers, it has helped patients maintain their treatment schedules and social distancing for health and safety. DaVita Care Connect® offered another industry-first achievement by incorporating a secure telehealth platform into our home dialysis program. 

Designed to transform our Home patient experience outside the clinic by increasing connectivity with their care teams and other vital resources, DaVita Care Connect has provided approximately 22,000 patients with 24/7 support and: 

  • Access to review DaVita dialysis lab results 

  • Care-related reminders and calendar invites 

  • Educational resources

  • Image sharing

  • Multi-way video appointments

  • Secure messaging between patients and their care team

  • Virtual support groups  

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"Our patients can count on us to bring them transformative technology and tools that can help them be successful at treating on their home therapy of choice."

–Martin Schreiber, MD, chief medical officer of home modalities

Empowering Patients to Pursue Transplant

DaVita believes a kidney transplant is the best treatment for most of our patients. Transplants are associated with not only improved health outcomes but also an improved quality of life. That is why empowering all patients interested in transplant to be evaluated is part of DaVita's commitment to helping our patients find the right treatment for them.


DaVita patients received a kidney transplant in 20206


DaVita patients have received a kidney transplant since 20006

DaVita Transplant Education and
Support Programs


  • Kidney Smart®, a community resource that offers a no-cost, comprehensive kidney education program online, telephonically or in person

  • Transplant Smart®, a multi-media kidney transplant-specific education program about the transplant process and what to expect

  • Patient Self-Referral Policy, a system to empower patients to get evaluated for kidney transplant eligibility through referrals to transplant centers

  • Transplant Workflow Technology, the only nationwide system for tracking transplant status from education to referral to ultimately, the waitlist

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 “We are deeply committed to helping every interested patient be evaluated by transplant centers and stay transplant ready.”

–Jeff Giullian, MD, chief medical officer for DaVita Kidney Care

Treating Patients Across the Continuum of Kidney Disease

Through DaVita® Integrated Kidney Care (DaVita IKC), patients receive comprehensive care that goes beyond kidney care to cover comorbidities and overall health, from the early stages of CKD to ESKD.

Baseline assessments help the DaVita IKC care team tailor patient care plans in an effort to delay CKD progression, smooth the transition to ESKD, and help patients choose the right treatment option for them.


years of clinical experience


patients served every month


savings in addressable costs7

DaVita IKC’s focus on value-based care programs has demonstrated positive results across outcomes, experience and cost reduction.


greater patient experience scores than the industry average8


lower mortality rate10


lower hospitalization rate than the national average9


more days at home for DaVita IKC patients by avoiding hospitalizations11


lower hospital readmission rate than the national average9


of DaVita IKC patients dialyzing at home12

Educating Patients to Make Informed Decisions

In 2020, Kidney Smart® shifted all of its CKD education classes to a virtual platform to promote social distancing while continuing to inform and empower patients.

Whether a patient has just been diagnosed with CKD, is transitioning to dialysis or considering a transplant, DaVita’s patient education programs offer the information and answers they need—at no cost.

With award-winning materials and more than 200,000 people who have gone through the CKD education program, Kidney Smart has helped many patients experience more positive outcomes.

Kidney Smart Outcomes17:

  • 30% lower hospitalization rate13

  • 6x likelihood of starting dialysis at home13

  • 38% fewer missed treatments13


 Unless otherwise indicated, the data included in this report reflects the year 2020 for the Company’s consolidated operations.

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